Furious Fani’s fury
Answerable to no man’s jury
Struck with all its might
No tenable brain or brawn dared against it stand and fight


No bigotry
No favouritism
No sectarianism
No epicurean sensationalism


Merciless devastation
Beyond forecasted estimation
Uprooting lofty trees and vegetation
Robbing many a source of trade and occupation


Few hours of blustery visitation 
Left behind trails of depredation
Paralyzing lives in untold proportion
In the sweltering summer’s oppressive dominion


A time for men to join hands with men
To help restore normalcy again
To reinstate the livelihood and infrastructure
Blown away in minutes and seconds


Yes, with hearts of trepidation
All awaited Fani’s landfall
None however fathomed the sting to be such an effortless haul
Disseminating a melancholic pall of gloom


A wake-up call for thinking minds, nonetheless –
How long it takes to build, plan and impress
And how fleetingly all roll back and regress
It’s wise not to garner unwanted stress!


For this life is transitory
Earthly living does not complete our story
Unbreakable heavenly mansions await in glory
To reward the faithfuls’ victory!



“. . . The Lord has His way
In the whirlwind and in the storm,
And the clouds are the dust of His feet.” (Nahum 1:3)



[Note: Cyclone Fani (India’s strongest summertime cyclone in the last 43 years) struck Odisha coast on 3rd May 2019 causing major devastation to life, livelihood and property. An alert State Government carried out a massive evacuation drive relocating people from potentially dangerous areas, resulting in minimum loss of life.]



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