Pray when thou art feeling low

Pray when thou art on a high


Pray when thou art sick and ailing

Pray when thou art healthy and well


Pray when there are fears and doubts assailing

Pray when thou art brimming with confidence


Pray when thou experience pain and heartache

Pray when thou feel to joyously celebrate


Pray when failure knocks at thine door

Pray when victory sweeps thou off the floor


Pray when thou art sitting

Pray when thou art on thine bed lying


Pray not merely to ask

Pray also to praise


Seek not a reason to pray

For thou never seek a reason to breathe


Aspire not to pray only here or there

For the Omnipresent God is everywhere


As breath to the body

So is prayer for the soul


Connect thine soul with thine Soulgiver

Thou wilt relish His companionship forever more


But . . .


Have faith.


That’s central to prayer.



“Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)



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